Craig Small's ttylink Daemon

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ttylinkd - a ttylink daemon for Linux.


Craig Small, VK2XLZ, <>


A daemon to accept a ttylink (port 87) tcp/ip connection and convert it into a talk request for a user on the host machine. This may also be configured for use with the ax25d program so that AX.25 users may also make use of it to connect to you.


Alpha, but working.

System requirements

Kernel networking support with AX.25 support if desired.


Because the talk protocol is a non-standard, that is it isn't actually defined anywhere (except the source), the ttylink protocol from NOS has become the defacto standard, at least for amateurs, to provide keyboard to keyboard communication over tcp/ip. This daemon fills the need for something to answer ttylink requests to linux machines.

To build and install the software, I did:

# cd /usr/src
# tar xvfz ttylinkd-0.02.tar.gz
# cd ttylinkd-0.02
<edited the Makefile to change the SYSOP_USER>
# make
# cp ttylink /usr/sbin
<edited /etc/service, /etc/inetd.conf as instructed in README>
# killall -1 inetd

Where and How to obtain it

You can obtain the latest version of ttylinkd from: or


GNU Public License vers 2.0