GW4PTS Morse Trainer

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Alan Cox, GW4PTS,


A Morse Code trainer that uses the PC internal speaker


stable, works quite well, unfinished.

System requirements

Linux, any version


Alan wrote this small program in only an hour. It is quite neat, and allows you to play morse at a range of speeds and frequencies through the PC internal speaker. You can specify the text to be played either from the command line, from a file, or the program is capable of generating random character groups. As it stands you must invoke the program from a Linux Virtual Console, as it relies on certain kernel calls to produce the sound, and these don't work as easily from an XTerm. As it sounds each character it lists the character in verbal form (Di, Dit, Dah etc.) to the screen. Alan is hoping that someone will take the code and enhance it with the features he has listed in the comments at the head of the source file. Where and How to obtain it.

I've had a large number of responses from people seeking this code, so I've obtained Alan's permission to make it available. You can obtain it from


GNU Public License 2, freely redistributable, no warranty.