Michael Westfall's ttylink Daemon

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ttylinkd - a ttylink daemon for Linux.


Michael Westfall, N6KUY, <mwestfal@.csci.csusb.edu>


A split screen terminal program that listens on the ttylink port and accepts incoming connection requests.


Seems to work fine.

System requirements

none special.


This is a standalone program that does require you to change the configuration of your system at all. If you have root access on your machine then you run the program in a VT or in an XTerm and it will clear the screen and wait for an incoming connection on port 87 (ttylink). When a connection is received it will provide you with a split screen display with which to communicate with the calling person.

Where and How to obtain it

You can obtain ttylinkd from: sunsite.unc.edu or ftp.ucsd.edu.


Unknown, presumed freely distributable.