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CVS has been retired at The anonymous CVS server will stay running so people can continue to do cvs diff and other operations but the content of the archive has been frozen on 2013-06-04. Similarly the cvsweb service will continue to run so links to it will stay valid but of course it won't pick up any further deelopment. All further development will happen on in GIT. The remainder of this page is mostly for historical purposes or for those few who have an actual need for it.

Anonymous CVS

First of all, if you want to stay on the bleeding edge use GIT. This page documents how to access's CVS archive for historical purposes and for those few who have a good reason to access the CVS server.

There are three amateur radio relevant modules in CVS archive, libax25, ax25-apps and ax25-tools.

cvs -d login
(Only needed the first time you use anonymous CVS, the password is "cvs")
cvs -d co <module>


Browse the changes

Via cvsweb, you have direct access to theAX.25 sources. The intuitive interface allows you to follow the development at the click of your mouse.

Download as tar archive

Automatically generated on the fly as you download these tarballs are always the very latest - with all the risk and benefits of living on the bleeding edge. Building requires recent versions of automake and autoconf.

libax25 ax25-apps ax25-tools

Latest releases

The best choice for the OM who just wants to keep his system going along happily. Unlike the raw CVS snapshots above these tarballs don't require any messing with GNU autoconf and automake.

ax25-apps-0.0.8-rc5.tar.gz ax25-tools-0.0.10-rc5.tar.gz libax25-0.0.12-rc5.tar.gz

CVS copy via Rsync

The CVS repository can also be fetched using rsync like this:

rsync -avz --progress --stats rsync://<module> /local/directory
rsync -avz --progress --stats rsync:// /local/directory

You can then check it out using:

cvs -d/local/directory co <module>

64-bit systems

Most 64-bit systems are setup such that libs go to /lib64 /usr/lib64, /usr/local/lib64. Autoconf won't notice this; it will default libdir to <prefix>/lib. This means installation will overwrite whatever is there possibly damaging 32-bit compat versions of the libraries installed there. To get autoconf to do the right thing in this case you must pass --libdir=<prefix>/lib64 when configuring.


Maintainers for ax25-apps, ax25-tools and libax25 are

Please feel free to contact us in case of problems, bugs or fixes, patches, enhancements, feature requests, or just for your personal success story.

See also

  • Compilation How to build libax25, ax25-tools or ax25-apps from source.