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Daryl L Miles, G7LED,


A BBS package designed to operate with either the native AX.25 kernel code or with the Wampes package.


In development, working.

System requirements

Kernel AX.25 support or the Wampes package. sendmail, CNEWS.


Daryl's aim was to build a platform on which amateurs could build a Packet BBS to smtp gateway for Linux. I'm not sure what the current status is as the last version I could find was dated 30 Jun 1995. The latest binary version supports:

  • MBL, FBB batching, FBB compressed, FBB type 1 compressed forwarding with restart facility implemented, deferring, and rejection.
  • various Linux transport mechanisms including TCP kernel, AX.25 kernel, Wampes NetROM, AX25 or TCP.
  • Simple dialer, to allow connections through AX.25 or NetROM nodes.
  • White Pages
  • Transient handling of type A (ACK messages).
  • SMTP/NNTP<>BBS gatewaying implemented heavily to the extent that the user front end will be accessing the NetNews spool to retrieve articles.
  • Message filter mechanism
  • Field swapping (like SWAPP.SYS in FBB).
  • Multiuser/connect.


To install, I did the following:

# cd /usr/src
# mkdir LBBS
# tar xvfz LBBS-0.1.6A.tar.gz
# cd LBBS
# ./

This created a /usr/lbbs directory. The README.Setup file suggest an order in which to configure the BBS.

Where and How to obtain it

You can obtain LBBS from: G7PIT's ftp site, or


Freely distributable for any non-commercial Amateur Radio use only. No warranty. Will be changed to GPL when software is stable.